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Cooking Unit
A weight, tempeture, and volume convertion calculator.

Bitter cassava flour amounts converter
Convert bitter cassava flour amounts.

Conversion table and calculator for microwave ovens
Microwave power fluctuates from 450 to 1000 watt. The higher the power is, the faster the food cooks. Be therefore aware of which power the recipe is calculated for.

Cooking conversion online.
Convert between U.S. and European (metric conversion). Typical kitchen units of weight and volume for various cooking ingredients.

Online Conversion - Weight to Volume Cooking Conversion
Convert weight to volume.

Oven Temperature Conversion Chart and Calculator
Convert oven temperature degrees.

RODE: Cooking Calculator
Welcome to the RO Cooking Simulator. The success formula currently is estimated.

Samartha's Lazy Woo/Maan's Sourdough Calculator 4
Dough Weight or Starter Weight; Dough Hydration Percentage; Starter Percentage of Total Dough; Starter as Baker's Percentage or Starter Flour as Baker's Percentage; Starter Hydration Percentage; Salt Percentage relative to Flour;

iPhone and iPod calculators

App Store - Kitchen Cooking Calculator
The best food and drink calculator in the whole app store. Over 75 measurement types, plus portion control capabilities to rescale measurements, packed with charts and guides, translations into 8 different languages, and constantly updated with new features. No other kitchen calculator can compare to our tool list. We are the brand leader.