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You can use these calculators to calculate paper basis, PPI, paper yield, roll weight, roll width, and more..

Basis Weight Impact on % Paper Yield
Select your current basis weight and match it with the new proposed basis weight to estimate the change in total weight required for the same yield.

Caliper to PPI Calculator
Enter either a number for caliper or pages per inch.

GSM to Paper Basis Weight
Select the basic size and enter the grams per square meter.

Linear Feet Paper Calculator
Enter the basis weight, roll weight, and roll width. Then select the basic size.

Metric to Imperial (length)
Enter a number for centimeters, feet or inches, and the other values will automatically compute.

Paper Basis Weight to GSM
Select the basic size and enter the basis weight.

Paper M-Weight Calculator
Enter the sheet height and width, and the basis weight. Then enter the basic height and width.

Paper Roll Waste Calculator
Enter the waste removed, roll width, roll diameter, and core diameter, then select a paper type.

Paper Roll Weight Calculator
Use this calculator to figure out the estimated weight of a roll of paper.

Paper Sheets to Pounds
Enter the basis weight, number of sheets, and the sheet size. Then select the basic size.

Paper Yield Calculator
Calculate paper yield.