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You can use these calculators to calculate beam, moisture, draw size, shelf sag, and more..

Computing Moisture Content of Wood
Here is a calculator for computing the EMC of wood at or below the fiber saturation point (about 30% moisture content) given the temperature and relative humidity.

Draw Sizer - Arithmetic Progression
This utility employs arithmetic progression to compute drawer face heights by progressively adding a fixed increment to successive drawers beginning with the top drawer.

Draw Sizer - Geometric Progression
This utility employs geometric progression to compute drawer face heights. With this technique, heights increase by a constant multiplicative factor, referred to as the common ratio.

Draw Sizer - Hambridge Proportioning
This utility employs the Hambridge proportioning technique to generate a smooth (some would even say "natural") progression of drawer heights that are in balance with the width of the drawer unit.

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Feet / Inches Calculator

Footulator: Board Foot Calculator
Here is a bare-bones board foot calculator for tallying up lumber requirements. Just enter your desired thickness, width, length, and quantity and it will compute board feet and total board feet. Nice and simple.

Tabulator: Board Foot Calculator and Lumber Tabulator
A board foot calculator, bill of materials generator and lumber tabulator all in one. The tabulator can help you tally up your lumber requirements for your next project and create a professional-looking lumber materials list. It computes board feet by species, total board feet, cost by species, and total cost - with provision for an optional waste factor. It can also accomodate resawing, a feature not generally found in your run of the mill board foot calculators.

The Sagulator - Shelf Sag Calculator
The Sagulator helps you design shelves by calculating shelf sag (deflection) given type of shelf material, shelf load, load distribution, dimensions, and method of attachment. You can also specify an edging strip to further stiffen the shelf.

The Shrinkulator
A wood shrinkage and expansion calculator. The Shrinkulator helps you estimate dimensional changes in wood, either shrinkage or expansion, based on changes in the wood's moisture content.

Wood Picker: A Wood Selection Tool
Use the Wood Picker to identify candidate woods for a woodworking project.