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Acoustical Engineering Calculators

You can use these calculators to calculate crossover design, decibels, super sonic flow, wavelength, speed of sound, and more..

Acoustics Calculator | MBI Products
A basic estimator for your reverberation goals.

Air absorption calculator
Calculate air absorption.

Ceiling speaker coverage calculator
Calculate ceiling speaker coverage.

Crossover Calculators
Calculate crossover.

Decibels and Distance
This calculation will give you the ammount of attenuation, in decibels, you can expect with a change in receiver distance, in a free field (outdoors).

Decibels and Distance Calculator
This calculation will give you the amount of attenuation, in decibels, you can expect with a change in receiver distance, in a free field (outdoors).

Frequency (Hz) «» wavelength calculator
Calculate frequency and wavelength.

Millisecond/microsecond «» metres/feet/cm/inches calculator
Calculate time and distance.

Q «» B/W (bandwidth) calculator
Calculate Q and B/W (bandwidth).

Quickie 2kHz Reverb Time Calculator
This quickie reverb time calculator can give you a fast indication of how much trouble you may be in with your current room design.

SPL (Sound pressure level) calculator
Calculate SPL (sound pressure level).

SPL addition
Calculate SPL (Sound pressure level) addition.

Sound Conversion Table
Perform batch conversions between sound units.

Speaker Design Applet
If you would like to design your own speaker cabinets and need help with the calculations, then go to

The Speech Intelligibility Calculator
This page will calculate reverb time, critical distance, and expected %ALCONS for the room you input here. The results show the inter-relationship between reverberation time, room finishes, speaker selection and speech intelligibility.

Wavelength of Sound Calculator
This calculator will tell you the wavelength of any airborne audio frequency in inches, feet and metres, based on the speed of sound at sea level, and at 20 degrees Celsius or 72 degrees Farenheit.

dBu «» dBV «» Volt calculator
Calculate dBu, dBV and volt.