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Blood - Sugar Chart | Medindia
This calculator provides a description of value of blood sugar in terms of mg/dl depending on the test type – Fasting sugar, post-meal or post prandial, and after Glucose tolerance test (GTT) for a normal person, in early diabetes and in established diabetes.

Blood - Sugar Conversion | Medindia
Our easy to use blood sugar calculator helps you to get your blood sugar conversion results either in mg/dl used by the American system or in mmol/l used by the British system which is accepted worldwide.

Diabetes Risk Assessment Calculator | Medindia
Are you at risk for Adult-Onset Diabetes? Find out if you run the risk of diabetes by using this calculator.

Diabetic guidelines, diabetic protocols, insulin resistance
What is the I /carb ratio? What are the criteria for diagnosing diabetes? What are the usual target blood glucose levels? These are the type of questions this program was designed to answer.

Glycemic Index Calculator | Medindia
GLYCEMIC INDEX (GI) is a scale, which helps in ranking the carbohydrate rich foods, depending on how they affect blood glucose levels in a span of 2 - 3 hours after having food.

HbA1c or A1c Calculator for Blood Glucose | Medindia
Glycated/Glycosylated Hemoglobin (HbA1c or A1c test) is used as a guide to know what your average blood glucose level is during the past three months.

Insulin Mixing tool
Generates insulin mixing consult.