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You can use these calculators to calculate volume, water chemistry, glass, design, electrics, and more..

Aquarium Volume Calculator | Aquarium Tools
This tool is quite simple. What it does is helping you calculate the volume of several 3D prisms that are commonly used for a fish tank.

Aquarium Water Changes Calculator | Aquarium Tools
This tool can help you figure the effect of water changes on the quality of the water in your tank.

Aquatic Plants Fertilization Calculator | Aquarium Tools
If you want to make your own fertilizers for your aquatic plants in your fish tank this tool might come in handy.

CO2 In Your Aquarium | Aquarium Tools
These are useful CO2 calculators that can help you balance the CO2/pH levels in your fish tank.

Calculate Aquarium Glass Thickness | Aquarium Tools
Here is a very useful calculator when building your own fish tank. This calculator provides the information you need to know about the glass of your new fish tank.

Design your Fish Tank | Aquarium Tools
A very useful tool when designing the aquascape in your fish tank. This lets you make a sketch of your future design!

Fish Tank Electrics | Aquarium Tools
Simply fill in your aquarium length, width and height and you should get the following results: Light Requirements, Filter, Heater, Heater Cable

Reef Chemistry Calculator
This page is designed to calculate reef chemistry additions for Calcium, Alkalinity or Magnesium using commercial products or standard chemicals.

The Aquarium Diagnoser - Solve Your Aquarium Problems | Aquarium Tools
Mark all symptoms that best fits your tank and find out what the problem is. Find a solution to your problem.

iPhone and iPod calculators

Apple - Downloads - Dashboard Widgets - Aquarium Calculator
Calculate fish tank volume, heating, and lighting requirements.