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You can use these calculators to calculate how much energy and money you can save with some modifications in your house.

Fluorescent Light Bulb Versus Regular Incandescent Analysis Calculator - Cost Life Greenhouse Gas
This calculator provides cost analysis and comparison for compact fluorescent and regular incandescent light bulbs. It provides hours and cycle life analysis in graph, chart and table formats.

Compare Two New Gas Appliances
Use this calculator to compare two new gas appliances you are thinking of buying. Using the energy rating for each appliance you can determine which will really save you money.

Cost Saving for Insulation Upgrades
Use this calculator to estimate the cost saving and greenhouse gas reduction for upgrading your insulation or windows. You may be surprised how quickly more insulation will pay for itself.

Fuel Comparison Calculator
This calculator provides a quick way to compare the cost and CO2 emissions for various fuels.

High Efficiency Furnace Payback Calculator
How long would it take you to pay back the expense of junking your present natural gas furnace and getting a higher efficiency model? Make an estimate with this calculator.

Insulation Calculator
It's sometimes difficult to decide what energy conservation investment will provide the most comfort (and financial return). This spreadsheet should help you see where your heating and air conditioning is going, and will let you compare your upgrade options.

Insulation Investment Calculator
Have you ever invested money in the stock market, or put money into an interest bearing bank account? If so, you were interested in the rate of return on your investment. Spending money on insulating your house is also an investment. It's return is in consistently lower utility bills to heat and cool your house.

Light Bulb Cost Savings Comparison
Thinking of trading in your "old fashioned" incandescent light bulbs for the new low energy bulbs(Compact Flourescent or LED)? How long will it take for you to save money. Use this calculator to see how much money you can save and how long it will take you to do it.

Replacement Gas Appliance Cost Analysis Calculator
Do you have an existing gas appliance you are thinking of upgrading? Will you save money if you upgrade to a more energy efficient model? See for yourself with this calculator.

Shutter Condensation Calculator
This small JavaScript application computes the risk of condensation behind an internal shutter on a window.

Socket Overload Calculator
Use our calculator to plug in some typical household appliances to see the effect on the load, and to get useful tips on how to avoid overloading your sockets.

Water Heating Spreadsheet
Use this spreadsheet to explore the energy usage of your water heater, and to estimate whether a solar water heater could save you money.