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Soccer Statistics Calculator
This calculator gives you all of the normally kept soccer statistics.

You can use these calculators to calculate football, soccer, baseball, and basketball game statistics, baseball bating average (BV), earned run average (ERA), and more..

Quarterback Passer Rating Calculator
The Quarterback Rating Calculator calculates ratings for the NFL.

Baseball Pitch Simulation
Do seams on the baseball influence the flow (or are they just for holding the skin together)?

Baseball Batting Average (BV) Calculation
The average performance of a batter, expressed as a ratio of a batter's safe hits per official times at bat is termed as Baseball Batting Average. It also refers to a ratio (as a rate per thousand) of base hits to official times at bat for a baseball player.

Baseball Earned Run Average (ERA) Calculator
In baseball statistics, earned run average (ERA) is the mean of earned runs given up by a pitcher per nine innings pitched. The Earned Runs are determined by dividing the number of earned runs allowed by the number of innings pitched and multiplying by nine.

Baseball Fielding Percentage
The Fielding Percentage or the Fielding Average of a Baseball is a measure that reflects the percentage of times a defensive player properly handles a batted or thrown ball. It is calculated by the sum of putouts and assists divided by the number of total chances(putouts + assists + errors).

Baseball Slugging Percentage
A number expressing a player's average effectiveness in making extra-base hits, calculated by dividing the total number of bases (from all singles, doubles, triples, and home runs) by the number of official at bats also slugging average. The Slugging Percentage is the most effecting method to determine the player's hitting power.It is calculated as total bases divided by at bats. When two players have the same or almost the same 'Batting Average' you might use the slugging percentage to determine which player is better.

Basket Ball Free Throw Statistics Calculation
Statistics in basketball are kept to evaluate a player or a team's performance.

Football / Soccer Statistics Calculator
Calculate the statistics for the football game through advanced online calculator by entering the inputs in the offense and defense data field for ā€˜nā€™ number of teams.

iPhone and iPod calculators

Apple - Web apps - Baseball And Softball Base Running Speed Calculator
Designed to show the speed of a batter (becoming a baserunner), going from home plate to first base. We give you many different selections from baseball (major league and minor league), softball, Babe Ruth, and much more.