Help and Tips

Color Coding

Simple number or constant.

Action that involves two numbers (i.e. 6+2).

Action that requires one number (i.e. 40%).

Clears something.

Gives a result.

Actions about the calculator or the tape.

Number formating actions fractions and scientific notation.

Tape and Tape Buttons

All calculations are saved on the tape.

You can use the label button to insert labels or notes to your calculations. The labels will appear on the tape. You can click on your labels and edit them at any time.

You can use the print button to print out the tape.

Clearing Buttons

Clear button clears the last number.

All clear button clears the calculator, tape, and resets any functions.

Memory clear button clears the memory.

Backspace button clears the last digit on the display field and on the tape.

Memory Buttons

Memory recall button retrieves the number you have in memory and places it in the display field.

Memory plus button adds the number displayed to the contents of the memory.

Memory minus button subtracts the number displayed from the contents of the memory.

Function Buttons

Square root button is used to calculate the square root of a number. Enter a number, then click square root button.

Percent button is used to find the percentage of a number. When you press the % button, on the display and tape the percentage will automatically convert to it's decimal form. i.e. 6% changes to .6. Enter the number you want the percentage of, then click the multiplication function, enter the percentage amount, then click the % button, and then click equals. i.e. 125 x 20% = 25 where 25 is 20% of 125. Note: The percent function will also work if you enter the percentage you want first and then the number i.e. 20% x 125 = 25.