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Lease Calculator
How much will my lease payment be? This calculator lets you calculate your estimated lease payments.

You can use these calculators to calculate car loan payments, interest rate, balance, lease, and more..

Auto Calculators
Estimate monthly payments, compare incentives & rebates, determine how much car you can afford, compare your gas guzzler to a hybrid etc.

Auto Lease Payment Calculator
This calculator will let you calculate an auto lease payment.

Auto Loan Balance Calculator
Have you have been making monthly payments on your car? Do you want to know how much you have left to pay off? Fill in this form and find out.

Auto Loan Interest Calculator
Don't know what the interest rate on your car loan is? Use this calculator to make an estimate.

Auto Loan Payment Calculator
Going to buy a car? Fill in the form below and we will calculate what your monthly payment will be. We'll also tell you how much your total interest payments will be.

Autoworld - Car Loan Payment Calculator
Calculate your car loan payment.

Calculate if car loan is upside-down
Is your car worth less than your car loan balance? If so your loan is upside-down. Use this calculator to see if this is true for your car.

Calculators | State Farm / Should I use a home equity loan or an auto loan?
The calculator shows the cheaper source of financing to pay for a car or other vehicle. It evaluates two potential sources: an auto loan and home equity loan.

Car Loan Payments Remaining Calculator
Fill in the form below and we will tell you how many car payments you have remaiing.

Car Loan Refinance
Refinance your car? How much would you save?

Compare Financing a car with an auto loan or home equity loan
Up to 20% of autos are now financed with home equity loans. Use this calculator to compare financing with a home equity loan or a traditional auto loan.