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Dynamic Symmetry Calculator
The number Phi occurs has been used to design many buildings from the ancient Parthenon in Athens (400BC) to Le Corbusier's United Nations building in New York. It was well known by artists such as Leonardo da Vinci and musicians too from composers like Bartok to the famous violin maker Stradivari.

The Dynamic Symmetry Calculator, allows you to quicly calculate the smaller and larger lengths base on a given length.

You can use these calculators to calculate the cost of painting requirements, slope, pitch, rafter lengths and material for your roof, and more..

Paint Calculator
Work out the cost for your painting requirements with our simple calculator. Please follow the below steps.

Roof pitch calculator
The roof pitch calculator calculates slope, pitch, and rafter lengths, based on input of rise (M) and run (R).

Roofing Calculator
Determine the amount of roofing material you'll need with handy tool.

Snow Guard Calculator
Calculate How Many Snow Guards Are Needed