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Aquatic Engineering Calculators

You can use these calculators to calculate beach fill, seawater properties, sand transport, waves, and more..

Beach Fill Calculator
Using the equilibrium beach profile concept, the amount of required sand to build a beach with a given dry width is calculated.

Properties Of Seawater Calculator
Calculate various properties of seawater.

Sand Transport Calculator
Calculate sand transport.

Seawater Calculator
Water properties (in-situ density, and potential temperature).

Seawater State Calculator
UNESCO equation of state (density in terms of Salinity, Temperature and Pressure)

Seiche Calculator
Seiching is the formation of standing waves in water body, due to wave formation and subsequent reflections from the ends.

Wave Calculator
The Wave Calculator takes deepwater wave height, period or frequency, and wave direction, and determines the wave length, the wave number, wave celerity, direction, shoaling and refraction coefficients, wave height, and the group velocity at the shallow water depth you specify.