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You can use these calculators to calculate molecular weight, molar mass, specific gravity, dilution, nuclear decay, and more..

Article Finder - Finds Articles From Citation or DOI - Chemistry Online Education
Finds articles by a citation or a DOI in one click.

Balance Chemical Equation - Online Balancer - Chemistry Online Education
Balances equation of any chemical reaction (full or half-cell) in one click.

This calculator can solve for any one of the four variables of Charles' Law.

Calculate Molecular Weight - Molar Mass Calculator - Chemistry Online Education
Calculates molar mass and elemental composition of any given compound.

Chemical Calculator
This calculator will give you the lbs. of chemical in a gallon of a solution when you enter the strength of the chemical and the specific gravity.

Chemical Equations Calculator
Simple calculator finding chemical reactions coefficients.

Combined gas law calculator - Chemistry Online Education
The combined gas law is a gas law which combines Charles's law, Boyle's law, and Gay-Lussac's law. These laws each relate one thermodynamic variable to another mathematically while holding everything else constant.

Compressibility and Ideal Gas Approximations
This form submits information to an interactive model which calculates compressibility and pressure based on several factors. Graphs will be generated for several different temperatures, each graph showing the pressure and compressibility over a range of volumes.

Dilution Calculator
Enter the ingredient information in the top form and click "Add Ingredient".

Flow - Molar Conversion Table
Perform batch conversions between Flow - Molar units.

Free Chemical Reaction Calculator Online | [email protected]
Chemical Reaction Calculator is a tool which makes calculations easy and fun. It is used to calculate the balanced equation and equilibrium constant when a chemical equation is given.

Gas laws - Chemistry Online Education
Calculate gas properties using various gas laws (ideal gas, Van der Waals, Henry's law).

Gay-Lussac's gas law calculator - Chemistry Online Education
Gay-Lussac's gas law calculator is a powerful online tool for solving problems using Gay-Lussac's gas law equation.

Interactive Engineering Tools - Altitude & Temp Effects ~ Custom Fan Design, Thermal Transfer Products ~ The Bergquist Company
Calculate the effects of changing various atmospheric properties.

Linear Least Squares Regression
Calculate linear least squares regression.

Liquid Chemical Calculator
Stock tank solution calculator for liquid concentrates.

Molecular formats converter - Chemistry Online Education
Converts molecules from one file format to another. Supports almost all existing formats.

Newton's Method Equation Solver
Solve an equation using Newton's method.

Nuclear Decay Calculator
Use this calculator to investigate how a unstable substance decays over time.

Online Chemical Editor (JChemPaint) - Draw Molecules Online - Chemistry Online Education
Draw molecules online and store images on the server.

Online Chemical Editor (MarvinSketch) - Draw Molecules and Reactions Online - Chemistry Online Education
Draw molecules and reactions online and stores images on the server.

Standard Atmosphere Calculator
Calculate standard atmosphere.

Thermodynamics Calculator
The purpose of this calculator is to calculate the value of the enthalphy of a reaction (delta H) or the Gibbs free energy of a reaction (delta G).

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