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You can use these calculators to calculate your daily fiber intake, calorie requirement, cholesterol, mineral, fat, vitamins, and more..

Calculate Daily Fiber Intake and Requirement in your Diet | Medindia
Use this calculator to find out your daily fiber intake and check if it meets the international standards.

Calorie Requirement for Age and Lifestyle | Medindia
This utility helps in calculating your required calories depending on your age group and life style.

Cholesterol in Animal Foods | Medindia
This tool gives us the break up of how much cholesterol, fat and saturated fat is present in a specific food item.

Convenient Cholesterol Counter | Medindia
Cholesterol counter helps in calculating the amount present in a specific food item. This can be known in terms of unit measure.

Daily Calorie Requirements | Medindia
Medindia Calorie Calculator helps in calculating Daily Average Calorie needs of individuals. This calculator would be of immense use to those intending to shed weight. The calculator uses the Harris-Benedict Formula.

Daily fiber requirement calculator
How much daily fiber do I need???

Disease and Vitamins | Medindia
Vitamin deficiency is one of the major factors causing various diseases and conditions. Use this tool to know the vitamin that is deficient for any particular disease or condition.

Fat Contents in Vegetable Oil and Ghee | Medindia
Oils and fats have saturated, monounsaturated (MUFA), polyunsaturated (PUFA) and essential fatty acids (EFA). The amount of fat content in vegetable oils, any kind of fat or ghee can be calculated by just selecting the type of oil or fat.

Fiber Content of Common Foods - Soluble Fiber Calculator
Calculates fiber content of common foods, useful for cholesterol lowering.

For Your Health, Better Tomorrow Plan
Use the interactive tool to easily calculate nutrition information from a library of foods you may select from our dining services. Manage your food choices and learn to find options that best fit your lifestyle.

Mineral Content in Food Items | Medindia
The Mineral Content tool helps in knowing the mineral content in Food Items. Select the food item to understand its mineral value.

Recommended Mineral Intake | Medindia
Recommended Mineral Intake is a wonderful interactive that helps you calculate your daily recommended mineral intake values and also helps in understanding the functions of various minerals, its sources and its deficiency symptoms.

Sea Turtle Restoration Project : Got Mercury?
The "Got Mercury?" calculator below helps you make healthier seafood choices. Just enter your weight, the seafood type, the amount of seafood you will eat during a week, and click the calculator button. These calculations are based on EPA and FDA data (updated January 2006).

Vitamin Class | Medindia
Learn about Vitamins is an interactive tool which helps us to understand about vitamins, its requirements in an individuals body.