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You can use these calculators to calculate how stressed you are.

Life Stressors Chart | Medindia
Life Stressors Chart is a tool by which one can measure the level of stress they are in by recalling the activities or events in life over a specified period. This indicates the stress levels in order to help us in leading a stress free life.

Self Assessment Health Calculator for Depression | Medindia
This self-assessment questionnaire adopted from the famous Zung Self Rating Depression Scale is a quick, simple and anonymous health tool to assess your level of depression. The result of the score will indicate if you need to seek medical help.

Stress Calculator
Are you Stressed Out? Look back over the past 6 months. Have you been noticing changes in yourself or in the world around you? Think of your job, the family, and social situations.

UMMS: Stress Calculator
Use the Stress Calculator to categorize how stressed you are.