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You can use these calculators to calculate paintball trajectory, ballistic coefficient, distance, power, stability, and more..

The Physics of Paintball
Paintball Trajectory Calculator

JBM - Calculations - Ballistic Coefficient (Time)
Calculates the ballistic coefficient for a near velocity, time of flight, atmospheric conditions and drag function.

JBM - Calculations - Ballistic Coefficient (Velocity)
Calculates the ballistic coefficient for near and far velocities, atmospheric conditions and drag function.

JBM - Calculations - Drag Function Array Conversion
Converts an array of ballistic coefficients to available drag functions and recommends a single BC and drag function to use. This is most commonly used to convert multiple BCs to the best single BC.

JBM - Calculations - Drag Function Conversion
Converts a single ballistic coefficient for one drag function to a ballistic coefficient for another drag function. Also calculates the sectional density and form factors.

JBM - Calculations - Drag/Twist
Calculates the bullet CD, and CD components, BC required twist and stability for input twist. Inputs required are the bullet measurements including nose length, total length, boattail length, meplat diameter, base diameter, caliber, weight, atmospheric conditions and drag function.

JBM - Calculations - Maximum Distance
Calculates the maximum range a bullet can travel given the muzzle velocity, ballistic coefficient, weight and atmospheric conditions.

JBM - Calculations - Modified Point Mass Trajectory
Calculates a trajectory from bullet dimensions. This type of trajectory provides a good estimate for things like spin drift and stability.

JBM - Calculations - Power Factor
Calculates the power factor and checks divisions for IDPA, IPSC, TSA, USPSA and SASS. Output shows whether or not the division is made (green/red) and by how much in percent.

JBM - Calculations - Recoil
Calculates the free recoil energy and velocity using firearm weight, charge weight, bullet weight and firearm velocity.

JBM - Calculations - Stability
Calculate a stability factor for a bullet using the Miller stability formula.

JBM - Calculations - Trajectory
Calculate a trajectory from bullet, velocity, firearm and atmospheric parameters.

JBM - Calculations - Trajectory (Drift)
This is almost exactly like the Trajectory calculator, but it includes inputs for barrel twist, twist direction and bullet length.

JBM - Calculations - Trajectory (Simplified)
Many people don't use all the terms in the trajectory calculation page listed above, so this program uses the default values for inputs not set by the user.

JBM - Calculations - Trajectory Card
A range card for multiple temperatures and altitudes. The output is a matrix of values for bullet drop and windage as a function of temperature and altitude density.

JBM - Calculations - Trajectory μCard
A small range card. Most of the inputs are the same as the large trajectory card, but it also includes target direction and speed.

JBM - Calculations - Trajectory μCard - Constant Drop
A small range card but with regular drop intervals. It does this by finding ranges for which the drop is an even multiple of the desired values (e.g. every minute of angle). This causes the ranges to be irregular. The windage is displayed for the range and input wind speed.

JBM - Calculations - Trajectory μCard - Wind Only
A small range card with three columns of wind values only - no drop or target lead. This card does not include drift in the wind values.