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You can use these calculators to calculate air density for cycling, cadence from speed, optimal crank, seat and shin length, forces, and more..

Air Density Calculation
The air resistance acting on a rider is directly related to the density of the air, the greater the density, the greater the force.

Benefit From Less Weight
Less weight going up a slope means faster times. How much faster?

Cadence From Speed
You want a rough estimate of your cadence. You know you were doing about 30 mph in the paceline in a 53 x 14. What was your cadence?

Calculate Optimal Crank Length
Longer or shorter cranks can change the geometry and range of motion of muscles. How does this affect power?

Calculate Optimal Seat Height
Moving the seat can change the geometry and range of motion of muscles. How does this affect power?

Calculate Optimal Shin Length
"Keep the heel down." Good advice? Within a small range, it is possible to change the length of the "Shin" (See Figure 1) by pedaling with the heel up or down. The following plot shows Power for changes to a rider's "Shin Length".

Downhill Sprint
When will you need the eleven? The finish of a race is downhill. Based on your estimate of the speed of the pack when it jumps and your Power Profile, how fast will you be going when you cross the line?

Flying 200
A rider can take several paths for a Flying 200m. What path gives the shortest time?

Forces at Pedals
The Pedaling Model plots radial and tangent forces at the pedals and plots thigh and shin strength functions at points of rotation.

Forces on Rider
Wind resistance, rolling resistance, and gravity are forces acting on a rider. Power is needed to overcome these forces and move a rider at a given speed.

Forces on Rider by Source
Sometimes we want to know the forces on riders from wind, grade, rolling resistance, and wheel drag. This model returns a table with this information.

Gear Charts
Not enough gear for the speed and the rider can't keep up; too much gear and the rider can't accelerate fast enough. Small gear changes make a difference. This section gives a quantitative basis for picking one gear over another.

Gear Selection
Conditions change: wheels, air density, speeds. Pick a gear based on expected conditions.

Improved Muscle Strength
Strength training can improve muscle strength. What would be the specific benefit from strengthening particular muscle groups?

Kilo Power
What power profile could break 60 seconds in the kilo? Would a slimmer profile help?

Pedal Accelerations
This started by estimating the acceleration acting on an inclinometer being read while mounted on a bike being ridden up a hill. It evolved into a study of the accelerations of a rider during a single pedal stroke.

Pedaling Model
The Pedaling Model can be used to test the effects of changes in position, crank length, and shin length. It can be used to test the effects of different pedaling techniques and stronger muscle development. Different regions within the full range of muscle motion could yield different power outputs.

Plot Forces at Pedal
The Pedaling Model plots radial and tangent forces at the pedals and plots thigh and shin strength functions at points of rotation.

Plot Strength Functions
Strength Functions describe the power from the thighs and shins that is available to power the pedals. Strength functions are explained and examples of their use are given.

Power Profile Sprint Power
The shape of the power curve for a sprinter is said to be the same for many riders. If this is so, one should be able to "create" a Power Profile from maximum and average power.

Power Profile Wingate Test Values
Data from a Wingate sprint test can be used to create an analytical function that gives power during a sprint. Maximum power, average power, time at maximum power, and total work are calculated for the data.

Power and Time for 500m Time Trial
Estimation of time for a 500 meter standing start. What 500 m time could a rider expect based on a rider's Power Profile?

Two riders encounter a series of rolling hills. The riders differ, perhaps, in weight, power, or drag. Or maybe their wheels are heavier or have better aerodynamic properties. Which rider has an advantage? What is the quantitative estimate of the difference? How do the rider's times over the hills compare with times they would expect on flat terrain?

Speed is estimated based on rider power and the forces acting on a rider from wind resistance, rolling resistance, and gravity.

Speed & Acceleration
For a given power output, what is a rider's speed and distance as a function of time?

Speed From Cadence
You want a rough idea of how fast you were going. You know you were doing about a 90 cadence in a 53 x 13. So how fast was it?

Terminal Velocity
How long does it take to reach terminal velocity? Up hill, down hill, at start of time trial, in a break?

Tire Rolling Resistance
Which is faster in a 40K TT, clincher or tubular?

Track Gear Selection
Gear Selection for Points Race

Wheel Performance, Breakaway
Breaking Away

Wheel Performance, Criterium Corner
Our two riders are doing a 4000 meter pursuit. Our Standard Rider is using a 28 bladed spoke, 650 wheel. Out Test Rider is using a Specialized 650 tri-spoke. Both riders are using the same disk in back (Ic value estimated). They are identical in all other respects. Which one finishes first? By how much?

Wheel Performance, Final Sprint
Our riders jump for the final sprint with 250 meters to go. Our Standard Rider is on 32 spoke standard wheels. Our Test Rider is on Specialized tri-spokes. Both riders jump at the same time with the same initial speed. Both riders have the same power profile (see plot below). They are identical in all other respects. Which one gets to the finish line first?

Wheel Performance, Long Climb
Our riders are doing a long, 5 km climb on an 8% slope. Our Standard Rider is on 32 spoke standard wheels. Out Test Rider is on Specialized tri-spokes. Both riders start at the same time with the same initial speed. They are identical in all other respects. Which one gets to the top first?

Wheel Rotational Inertia
Calculate a wheel's rotational inertia.

Wind on Rider
A question often heard is, "What is the effect of wind on performance?". This Model accepts wind and course descriptions, writes the equations of motion for the rider, solves the equations, and presents performance data in the form of plots and tables.

Hostel Shoppe - Bicycle Gear Calculator
Gear Ratio Speed Calculator

Bicycle Bike Gear Ratio Speed and Cadence Calculator
Here you can calculate: bicycle gear ratios; speed at cadence in a range of gears; cadence needed for a given speed in a range of gears; and meters of development.

Bicycle Frame Size Calculator
Our bicycle size calculator will tell you what size bike you need. Choose the type of bike you're interested in and then enter your measurement(s). You will get a printable page with your recommended frame size.

Bicycle Gearchart Calculator |

Bicycle Power Calculator

Bicycle Saddle Height Calculator
Our bicycle saddle height calculator will tell you how high to set your bicycle saddle. Choose the type of bike you have and then enter your measurement(s). You will get a printable page with your recommended saddle height.

Bicycle Speed (Velocity) And Power Calculator
Bicycle Speed (Velocity) And Power Calculator, comparing different kinds of bicycles.

Bicycle Steering Geometry
Geometrical Relation between Head Tube Angle, Trail and Fork Offset.

Bicycle Trail Calculator |
What is Trail? Trail is the horizontal distance between your bike's steering axis and the center of the front tire's contact patch. It's a hotly-debated topic among bike geeks these days -- some believe that it's a key factor which determines how a bicycle handles, especially with a front load.

Bicycling Energy Use
This page calculates caloric intake required to power a bicycle trip.

Bike Calculator
Welcome to the oldest and most popular bicycle performance prediction calculator on the web - since 1997. Effortlessly compute speed or power for all important parameters, such as weight, grade, position and tire type. This is actually an "engineering model" that knows the relationships between power, speed, and the three major forces: gravity, wind resistance and rolling resistance.

Bike Calculator Predict speed from power
The calculators on this page do velocity prediction. You enter your power in watts and they tell you how fast you'll go. There are two independent calculators here so you can compare two sets of input parameters. This version allows you to enter numeric values for rolling resistance, frontal area and shape factor (Cv).

Bike Calculator Predictions for a Six-Segment Course
The calculator on this page allows you to enter parameters for six ride segments. You could use two segments to represent a climb and then a descent, as the default values depict. Use more segments for a more complicated course. This version has you enter the power you use for each segment; speed is calculated.

Cycling Calories Burned Calculator online
You can use the Cycling Calories Burned Calculator to estimate the number of Calories a given cycle will burn.

Cycling Expectations Calculator online
You can use the Cycling expectations calculator to calculate race expectation times on other distances based on given time over a given distance. These calcs are done based on work by Peter Riegel.

Cycling Split Calculator online
You can use the Cycling race split calculator to calculate you target pace and your target split times when Cycling over a given distance.

Edd, an easy to use spoke length calculator
An easy to use spoke length calculator with a large amount of hubs and rims in its database.

Ergometer Workout Calculator
Workout calculations.

FullSuspensionCAD by The Bicycle Forest Inc.
FullSuspensionCAD is a parametric CAD tool for full suspension bicycle frame design.

Gear Calculator
Create a custom gear chart based on any bike's gearing arrangement.

HPV Drivetrain Analyzer / Gear Calculator
Welcome to the HPV Drivetrain Analyzer. With this program, you can see what the metrics are for the drivetrain on your hpv (bike, trike, etc), if it uses chain coupled sprockets with an optional shaft coupled pair of sprocketsets between the crank and the road.

HulaCAD by The Bicycle Forest Inc.
To build a HulaBike like ours..

Miter Your Tubes with Tube Notcher ! :: Nova Cycles Supply Inc.
The TubeNotcher Program is designed to make it easy to join two tubes together. The program generates a full scale paper template to assist in hand cutting and fitting an accurate joint.

Science of Cycling: Aerodynamics & Wind Resistance | Exploratorium
Calculate the Aerodynamic Drag and Propulsive Power of a Bicyclist.

Spoke Length Calculator
Our online spoke length calculator will give accurate results based on accurate input measurements.

Stem Comparison Tool |
Compare stems.

The Recumbent Bicycle and Human Powered Vehicle Information Center
This calculator finds the "optimal high speed trail" for a specific design. - Fork Geometry Calculator
Enter 3 of the 4 values below to calculate the 4th.

What Cycling Clothes to Wear Bike Riding | Bicycling Magazine
How do you want to feel when you ride - do you like to be toasty or chilly in the winter? Cool or warm in the spring and summer? Find the right clothes for your ride for any weather conditions here.

WheelCAD by The Bicycle Forest Inc.
Determine appropriate spoke length for building wheels.

bicycle e-tools: percent grade, average speed calculator, gear-inch chart
Use these online calculators to compute exactly how steep that big hill is, or how fast (or slow) you averaged on your last ride, and more.

How swapping forks affects your frame geometry.

iPhone and iPod calculators

Bike Calculator
Slick! Snazzy! Easy to use. Powerful. Designed by a cyclist who is also an engineer and a photographer - it works great and looks great. Runs on all iOS devices.